Juliano Lopes, young hairy hunk from the boy

What a beautiful smile in this sexy beard !


Colton Ford sings

Sorry I wasn't there for a while. A lot of changes occured in my life : I've began a new job, stopped smoking, begun a new gym program...
Here I am a again with you : )

Colton Ford has been a great hairy porn star. His performances are still in our minds. He successfully reconverted in show business. His chest is still amazing !

His myspace


Pete Kuzak is a Landscape Artist

I personnaly think Pete Kuzak is one of the brightest hairy icon of the charm industry. I dreamt years about him. You probably also did. Here's some pictures to remember :

Those last from the 90's and I was sad not to see him again in Colt Publications.
He simply changed his job. He's the lovely Landscape designer Scott Peters. You will be happy to see him again in this video (even if he looks so much better with a beard).

Just write him if you want him to take care of your bushes ;-) !

Scott Peters
Landscape Designer

The Peters Design Group Inc.
Westlake Village, CA
Phone: 805-496-4122
E-mail: speters19@msn.com

Bear Humor by John Waters

Hairy Man Icon Carlo Masi Working Out

Is Ben Dodge becoming a grizzly icon ?

He's more and more popular, even if we didn't see him a lot yet in medias except on internet. (I've heard he appeared in Colt magazine). I've tried to find more informations about him, but he seems to be very discreet. Here's some more pictures and a link for nude ones at the end of the post.

Nude pictures of Ben Dodge HERE