Colton Ford sings

Sorry I wasn't there for a while. A lot of changes occured in my life : I've began a new job, stopped smoking, begun a new gym program...
Here I am a again with you : )

Colton Ford has been a great hairy porn star. His performances are still in our minds. He successfully reconverted in show business. His chest is still amazing !

His myspace


Ron said...

So glad you're back! As a lover of hairy men I've been watching regularly for your posts. Best of luck with all your life changes. WOW!

Mark in DE said...

Welcome back!

Colton Ford is one of the hottest porn stars of all time. Love his sexy, hairy, muscular body! Not sure about his singing though.

Good luck with all the changes in your life.

Mark :-)

le docteur said...

i love colton ford